The DOST Regional Office No. VIII successfully deployed on November 19, 2020 the STARBOOKS (Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated KioskS) dubbed as Library in a Box to the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority – Cabucgayan National School of Arts and Trades in Libertad, Cabucgayan, Biliran Province.

The STARBOOKS, developed by DOST-Science and Technology Information Institute (STII), which contains a compilation of digitized books, research articles from various science and technology journals, technology information, and other materials that are useful for students, researchers, farmers, and the general public will be made accessible to interested users from the school and its immediate community. These information can be accessed even without Internet connection since the information are stored within the server of TESDA-CNSAT IT Library located at the 2nd Floor of the Administration building.

DOST-8 and TESDA-CNSAT signed the Memorandum of Understanding in a formal ceremony conducted at the FBS Workshop Room of the school. The DOST-8 was represented by Dr. Romeo L. Dignos, Provincial Director of DOST-Biliran PSTC and Engr. Florentino Quinones, the Management Information Center Coordination of DOST-8 on behalf of Engr. Ernesto M. Granada, DOST-8 Regional Director. Mr. Lino R. Severino, Vocational School Administrator III signed for TESDA-CNSAT. Mr. Rodrigo Victoria of PIA Biliran witnessed the formal ceremony.

The deployment involves the transfer and installation of the STARBOOKS Software without cost and configuring the network of computers in the schools IT Library to connect to the server and access the information. TESDA-CNSAT provided the hardware and personnel to manage the Program. Currently the software can be accessed through 6-PC workstations and through wireless within the reach of TESDA-CNSAT Library’s wireless router.

Mr. Severino was appreciative of the immediate action provided by DOST-8 despite constraints on mobility due to the health protocols. TESDA-CNSAT accorded the DOST-8 Team who facilitated the deployment with Certificate of Appreciation as a commendation to their fast response to the school’s request.