DOST XII dispatches three (3) set of STARBOOKS digital library to the New Panay National High School, New Panay, Esperanza, New Pangasinan National High School in New Pangasinan, Isulan and Lambayong National High School in Poblacion Lambayong all in Sultan Kudarat province.

The Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated KioskS-STARBOOKS is the first Philippine science and technology offline digital library. It is a standalone information source designed to bring science and technology (S&T) information to the grassroots.

The teachers and principals of the aforementioned recipient schools were oriented on the importance of the STARBOOKS and what benefits that schools would get from it.

Mr. Esmael M. Ambalgan, Chief Education Supervisor (CID) expressed his appreciation of the DOST XII’s effort, as the installation of STARBOOKS was just timely to the DepEd’s effort of coping up with teaching its students under the New Normal. He assured that he would encourage other schools to request also for STARBOOKS.

Ms. Agnes S. Morante, Secondary Principal 1 of the New Pangasinan NHS, thanked DOST XII for the opportunity granted to them thru the installation of STARBOOKS in their school.

“It’s a very big help and assistance to us and to my staff in their conduct of research activities.” said Ms. Morante.

In her messages, Science and Technology Provincial Director Ms. Zenaida Guiano informed the group that the project was one way of DOST’s reaching efforts to the people in the innermost areas, so that they would feel the presence of technology assistance of the government.

The activity was attended by Ms. Christy S. Bagayas, Secondary Principal 1 of New Panay NHS, Ms. Agnes S. Morante, Secondary Principal 1 of New Pangasinan NHS, Mr. Esmael M. Ambalgan, Chief Education Supervisor (CID), Ms. Sheryl L. Osano , Education Program Supervisor (LRMS) from SULTAN Kudarat DepEd Division, Atty. Nelyn B. Ferinal, CESE, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of DepEd Sultan Kudarat, Sultan Kudarat PSTO employees and other staff.