September 9’s STARBOOKS Moments!


PD Guiano & Camarudin S. Pendatun dispatched two (2) STARBOOKS in two (2) schools located geographically so different from each other.

In the morning, riding in the vehicle provided for by BLGU-Laguilayan, Isulan, PD Guiano & Mr. Pendatun, together with Mr. Ranilo R. Munlawin, Principal of the Sultan Ali Akbar Sinenggayan National High School, the group traversed vast rice fields, African oil palm trees, mango trees, and a stream with breathtaking suspension foot bridge above it, nearing the foot of Daguma Mountain range is the school, its teachers (10 permanent item teaching staff), so eager to learn about STARBOOKS to impart to their 227 students!

To Sir Munlawin & teaching staff, thank you for your appreciation and warmth towards STARBOOKS, and of DOST in general.

To the Barangay Captain of Laguilayan, Isulan, kindly accept our sincerest appreciation of providing us safe transport to SAASNHS and back to Isulan!

In the afternoon, despite the heavy downpour, we reached Isulan Central School SPED Center, one (1) of the premier public elementary school in the province, with 1,788 pupils and 78 teachers.

Dr. Marybeth F. Palma, the Principal, explained that only few number of teachers would be attending the orientation-training due to COVID-19 restrictions. Nevertheless, they would served as trainers to other teachers so everybody be able to utilized the STARBOOKS.

Dr. Palma & teaching force were very happy with the receipt of STARBOOKS as it arrived JUST IN TIME! Isulan Central School SPED Center was just validated by DepEd XII, as Special Science Elementary School for Grades 1-3!

Congratulations, as we move forward to the creation of Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) culture in the province!