To make science and technology materials readily available, the Department of Science and Technology Region 1 (DOST 1), through its Provincial Science and Technology Office- La Union (PSTO-LU) has deployed Science and Technology Academic and Researched-Based Openly Operated Kiosks (STARBOOKS) to Naguilian Senior High School (NSHS) and Northern Naguilian National High School (NNNHS) last September 21, 2022.

To formalize the partnership and be clear with the responsibilities of each party, a signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) took place and held in both schools, together with the Provincial S&T Director of La Union Jonathan M. Viernes as one of the signatories and with the presence of Ms. Mary Ann C. Belen and Engr. Eiryz D. Orpilla, Regional and Provincial focal persons for STARBOOKS, respectively.

In the NSHS, the MOU was signed by the School Principal III Claire P. Pulanco, ICT Coordinator Jimmy F. Dilinila, and LRM Coordinator Jenybeth R. Belen.

In her speech, School Principal Pulanco of NSHS extended her heartfelt gratitude to DOST 1 for the adoption of STARBOOKS. “This project will definitely be of great help to the teachers and learners to add more resources that could be used in the different learning areas. They will have ready materials that would add up their modules and references provided by the Department of Education.”

“I, as the school head will ensure that these materials provided to us will serve its purpose and will contribute fully in the teaching learning processes that would end to better learning outcomes.” she added.

On the other hand, School Principal Dr. Jinkee U. Roldan, ICT Coordinator Regie C. Bustamante and Librarian designate Ms. Nancy F. Delizo signed the MOU for the NNNHS.

Moreover, Dir. Viernes gave a brief background and introduced the DOST to faculty and students to further broaden their knowledge and understanding on the programs, projects and activities of the agency. Ms. Belen then discussed the different features and content of the STARBOOKS and provided a hands-on training & orientation to familiarize them on the use of the application.

DOST 1 will continue to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all (SDG 4).

By: Engr. Eiryz D. Orpilla

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