Following a successful partnership in 2022, the Department of Science and Technology Information Institute (DOST-STII) and Quipper Philippines, Inc. renewed their Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for STARBOOKS at a signing event held at the STII CAST (Center for the Arts in Science and Technology) Room on February 6, 2023.

DOST-STII Director Richard P. Burgos and Chief Executive Officer Yusuke Takagi headlined the MOA signing. Information Resources and Analysis Division (IRAD) Chief Alan C. Taule and Quipper Business Planning Manager Maia Higashi also signed the agreement.

Also present were STARBOOKS Unit Head Marivic Narquita and Quipper Senior Manager Reilyn Remetio.

The renewal of this agreement signifies the continuation of the successful partnership between DOST-STII and Quipper. It reinforces their dedication to delivering science, technology, and innovation (STI) information, particularly to learners from geographically isolated and economically challenged areas all over the country.

“We are very happy that Quipper adds to our more than 80 partners. Without partners, we couldn’t have delivered STARBOOKS to 6,300+ sites across the country,” DOST-STII Director Richard Burgos said during his welcome remarks.

“Our collaboration has resulted in substantial growth and success, and we look forward to continuing to provide STARBOOKS to our learners. This renewal demonstrates the strength of our relationship and our commitment to bringing STI information to our stakeholders,” Burgos added.

Quipper also expressed their excitement about the renewal of the agreement.

“We really appreciate our partnership with DOST STARBOOKS, and we are delighted to continue working together,” CEO Yusuke Takagi stated.

“This kind of partnership, in which we can provide technology and science contents, is very great for us to maximize our privilege to distribute our wisdom to every corner of the world,” Takagi added.

“Slowly, we are positioning ourselves toward that exalted position wherein all our partners will be able to benefit from partnering with DOST-STARBOOKS. We don’t know what the future holds, but we can shape the future,” IRAD Chief Alan C. Taule concluded.

STARBOOKS’ partnership with Quipper Philippines, Inc. started in 2021.

Quipper is an education technology company that provides e-learning services in Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, and the Philippines.

[In photo: (L-R) IRAD Chief Alan C. Taule, DOST-STII Director Richard P. Burgos, Quipper CEO Yusuke Takagi, and Quipper Business Planning Manager Maia Higashi.]

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