DOST XII and 90th Bigkis-Lahi Infantry Battalion Forge Partnership to Empower Communities Through Science and Technology


Cotabato, Philippines – On April 1, 2021, DOST (Department of Science and Technology) XII Regional Director, Engr. Sammy P. Malawan met with 90IB Battalion Commander LTC Rowel E. Gavilanes INF (GSC) PA at ACP 90IB, Brgy Ladtingan, Pikit, Cotabato to discuss the program on Community Empowerment thru Science & Technology (CEST). The partnership aims to provide assistance to the 90th Bigkis-Lahi Infantry Battalion through provisions for clean water, internet connectivity, and solar-powered street lights.

The meeting concluded on a high note, with both parties forging a new partnership dedicated to delivering essential services to local communities. Following the meeting, RD Malawan, accompanied by members of the Philippine Army, visited the proposed CEST beneficiaries in Brgy. Tapodok, Aleosan, Cotabato. The site inspection focused on evaluating the areas for the installation of solar-powered water systems and the provision of DOST-STARBOOKS, an innovative digital library.

Also present at the meeting were Executive Officer 90IB Major Rowel C. Caacbay (INF) PA and DOST XII Cotabato Provincial Director Michael T. Mayo. The partnership between DOST XII and the 90IB Battalion demonstrates a strong commitment to improving the lives of citizens in Cotabato through the strategic use of science and technology.

The collaboration is expected to have a significant impact on the lives of residents, providing them with access to clean water, improved connectivity, and sustainable energy solutions. This initiative serves as a model by showcasing the potential of science and technology in empowering local communities and fostering development.


PIA Cotabato Province

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